Wireless fuel level sensor
Escort TD-BLE

The first wireless capacitive fuel level sensor on the satellite monitoring market, powered by Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology

No payment is required. The application is preliminary
3 years warranty
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Savings of up to 23% on fuel

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No wires —
no problems

The installation of a monitoring system has never been so simple
Quick installation and setup without cabling

Traditional fuel level sensors take a long time to install and setup. The absence of wires will finally eliminate the tedious, time-consuming and more financially costly process of routing cables through the entire vehicle system. Additionally, the risk of vandalism associated with tampering with electrical wiring is suppressed. The fuel information is transmitted to the control system as quickly, in the same volume and with the same accuracy as through wires. Just imagine how much time, effort and money you can save now!

7 years of continuous operation with only one battery

The key to the long-term use of the sensor without battery change is the lithium-thionyl chloride battery and of course the Bluetooth 4.0 technology with low power consumption protocol. Thanks to Bluetooth Low Energy, the wireless fuel level sensor can run for several years with only one battery.

New Hermetic Shell Shock Protection for Extreme Conditions

Body of “Escort TD-BLE” is equipped with the additional protective cover made from shockproof polyamide and is characterized by high endurance to various mechanical damages on any types of vehicles, special vehicles, stationary tanks and reservoirs. The functioning of the device will not be impaired by overvoltage, power surges, disturbances and attempts to deliberately disrupt its operation, for example using a stun gun. As in the case with other equipment produced by Escort Group any unauthorized interference in the work of TD-BLE will be recorded in the monitoring system. The wireless sensor of a level of fuel is reliably isolated from dust and moisture because its case has protection degree IP69S according to GOST 14254. Stable operation of the equipment will not be impaired by critical temperature fluctuations (-60 … +85 °С) and atmospheric pressure (57 … 110 kPa). Due to the algorithm of thermal compensation the fuel level sensor “Escort TD-BLE” automatically corrects the fuel level when the environmental characteristics change. “Escort TD-BLE” guarantees the continuous and exact control over the fuel consumption even in the most extreme conditions!

Compliance with explosion protection requirements

The wireless fuel level sensor “Escort TD-BLE” fully meets the requirements of the Technical regulation of the Customs Union 021/2011 “On safety of equipment for work in explosive environments”.


This is confirmed by certificate number RU C-RU.AD07.B.00706/19. Thus, the sensor can be officially used for the transportation of dangerous goods in the Eurasian Economic Community, including Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. For this purpose, it uses a flameproof enclosure, implemented enhanced protection class E, provides intrinsic safety and other mandatory measures of emergency protection.

Setup from the phone

Your employees no longer need to carry their laptops around as setup is easy with an intuitive mobile app on their phones. The range of Bluetooth signal is at least 10 meters and up to 100 meters (if there is no interference and obstacles).

Compatible with popular trackers

The wireless fuel level sensor “Escort TD-BLE” is compatible with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) data transfer technology with popular GLONASS/GPS trackers of such brands as Teltonika, Navtelecom, Neomatic, Queclink, Galileosky, Vega-Absolute, Fort Telecom, Glomos, Disk Systems LLC (Bitrek TM), GLONASSsoft, Ruptela. Connection to all other types of satellite navigation terminals having RS-485 interface and supporting LLS protocol, is possible through BLE-BASE wireless base. The base connects directly to the tracker and provides a wireless data bridge between BLE-BASE and the wireless fuel level sensor “Escort TD-BLE”.

Technical specifications and downloads

The measurement error in the work-space, no more 1%
Operation mode digital
Digital mode:

  • – interface
  • – the communication protocol
Bluetooth LE (BLE)

  • Escort BLE
Range (under normal operating conditions in the absence of interference and obstacles when working with the base) not less than 10 meters
The period of data exchange with the base 3 seconds
The sensitivity of the receiver / transmitter power -96 dBm / 4 dBm
The degree of protection according to GOST 14254 IP69S
Protection against electrocution by GOST class III
Type of explosion protection intrinsically safe electrical circuit (“ia” level of protection)
Explosion proof mark OEx ia IIB T6 X
Categories of explosive mixtures according to GOST R IEC 60079-20-1-2011 categories IIA, IIB
Explosion hazardous areas according to GOST IEC 60079-10-1-2011 0; 1 and 2
Operation conditions:

  • – temperature, °C
  • – ambient temperature, °C
  • – atmosphere pressure, kPa
  • – ambient atmosphere pressure, kPa
  • -45 … +50
  • -60 … +85
  • 84 … 106,7
  • 57 … 110
Dimensions, no more 90x90x(L + 38)mm, where L – sensor length in mm
Conditional sensor length Indicated on the label (pasted in the passport)
Weight, no more 0,35+0,4хL, where L – is the sensor length in meters
Supply voltage, no more V 3,6
The quality management system complies with GOST 382996859
State Register of Measuring Instruments
Certificate of the EAEU Customs Union
Compilance with explosion protection requirements
European conformity

Full control of the
fuel tank

The sensor monitors the fuel level in fuel tanks and other light oil products in various containers

GPS tracker at

the heart of the system
  • Track the location of the transport and its routes
  • Get online reports on your phone or computer in real time
  • Supplement the system with an unlimited number of monitoring sensors

Escort products

Help with any measurements

Kit Tracker +

A ready-to-install kit: the fuel level sensor "Escort TD-BLE" and the GPS tracker

No payment is required. The application is preliminary

The price depends on the modification of the tracker. The operator will tell you the details when processing the application. A payment — after finding out all the nuances

Get important reports

Electronic reports help to track in real time:

Draining fuel from the vehicle tank

Configure and diagnose sensors remotely using the free mobile app "Escort"

Illegal routes — work for competitors
Uneconomical, dangerous driving style
Use of transport for personal purposes

Manage from your phone

Configure and diagnose sensors remotely using the free mobile app "Escort"

Save up to 30% on fuel

Calculate how much you will save


Road construction equipment

Utility equipment

Agricultural machinery

gross weight up to 3.5 tons

gross weight from 3.5 to 12 tons

gross weight over 12 tons

The price of a liter of fuel
Number of vehicles
Mileage per month
Savings per year 12 100 869 AED
Payback period 18 months
Savings per month 100 869 AED

preliminary calculation

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