About us

17-year history of "Escort" Group

From a small monitoring company to a large manufacturer

In 2004 we started to work as a GPS monitoring company (integrator). Since that time, we have accumulated
extensive practical experience in monitoring and opened our own design bureau. We independently produce
sensors, remote control systems, a weather station and other products for meteorological monitoring.

Our main task is to make monitoring accessible and accurate.

"Escort" Group in figures and facts
Versatility of equipment
Escort products are integrated with the platforms Wialon, Navixy, RedGPS, RedJOIN, Cybermapa, Sokol Meteo,
ExactFarming, Cropio, OneSoil, AgroFlagman, AutoGRAPH, Gelios
24/7 technical support
8 specialists that speak English and Spanish
From idea to pilot in 2 months
We will quickly develop and create an MVP sample
We are trusted with the development
Many large companies have chosen our fuel level sensors to monitor their fleets
0.3% of complaints
for 10 years of work!
750,000 sensors
we have already sold
450 integrators
are our partner network
> 2000 m2
area of our production complex
> 150 specialists
with specialized education
General Manager
Albert Zakaria
IoT has been evolving and is successfully transforming businesses and changing the way they are optimally managed. We at Escort are committed to developing a unique set of devices and solutions. Escort continues to make them accessible and affordable to more and more industries and this is just the beginning
Albert Zakaria
Anton Turkin
After working for several years at Escort Monitoring Systems, I have come to understanding of some important truths. To achieve something, you need to put time and effort into what you do. To become a true professional in your job, you need to have a clear vision. To become a true leader, you need to treat people with respect and learn to appreciate and accept both their virtues and flaws. Yet most importantly, you and those people around you need to share common goals and aspirations. This inspires you and does make you happy!
Anton Turkin
Chief developer of products "Escort"
Vladimir Dmitriev
I have been developing for more than 30 years, and every new device still brings me joy and excitement. To love what you do is the very same energy that helps to move and gives stength to new accomplishments.
Vladimir Dmitriev
Production Director
Alexander Chumarzov
In the production of our goods, we follow the world's leading trends and give preference only to reliable and time-tested components and suppliers.

By controlling each stage of production, we manage to make high-quality products that fully comply with the ISO 9001 quality management system.
Alexander Chumarzov

History of development


We have begun installing equipment for monitoring systems as part of our integrator work.

Historical fact
The “Escort” Group introduced a fingerprint-activated biometric ignition lock in 2004.

We opened our own sensor production, which is becoming serial.

We began providing state companies and other big customers with sensors.

We added 1500 square meters to the production site.

We established a design bureau and took a fresh approach to the manufacturing of agricultural machinery equipment.

We manufactured the 100,000th sensor.

We established an expert department and expanded into foreign markets, including Bulgaria, France, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, Latvia, and Mexico. Our enterprise began with the opening of a technopark, where we assist startups and draw in innovative projects with great potential.

We presented the “Sokol-M” weather station, a novel advancement in meteorological measurements.

Historical fact
In 2017, the “Escort” Group began incorporating wireless technologies into its equipment line.

We produced 450 000 sensors, of which 100 000 were shipped internationally.

The “Escort” Group of Companies joins the national telematics service platform “AVTODATA” as a founding member.

The export market for our products includes 113 countries.

Historical fact
In 2021, the “Escort” Group of Companies patented a gas analyzer that has no counterparts in the world.


The main development strategy of "Escort" Group is to move only forward

We use the most modern technologies: we carefully design developments and control quality at every stage of production.

Our pride is a line of high-precision fuel level sensors from the “Escort TD” series, which is used in agricultural, cargo, road construction and municipal equipment, as well as in stationary tanks. We have already sold over 750 000 sensors.

The capabilities of our company allow us to create products that have no analogues on the market. The company’s products are represented in 113 countries on 5 continents. “Escort” Group of Companies is going to continue expanding its markets.

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