Escort DU-BLE


Wireless tilt angle sensor ‘Escort DU-BLE’ is designed to measure the angle at which certain parts of the heavy machinery units tilt and thus help you monitor their activity.

Advantages of the wireless sensor ‘Escort DU-BLE’ compared to the wired ones:

  • wireless data transmission via Bluetooth connection under ‘Escort BLE Protocol’
  • easy and quick to install – no need to worry about cabling
  • easy configuration and tuning via Escort mobile app
  • new work mode – Rotation (horizontal and vertical)


Radio channel frequency 2,4 GHz
Power supply voltage 3 … 3,7V
Current, no more than 17 мА
Data exchange output Bluetooth LE (BLE)
Receiver sensitivity / transmitter power -96 dBm / +4 dBm
Data exchange protocol Escort BLE
Range (under normal operating conditions in absence of interference and obstacles when working with the BLE-RS485 adapter) 10 meters
Margin of error ±1°
Operating conditions:
– ambient temperature
– ambient atmosphere pressure
-45 … +50 °С
84 … 106,7 kPa
Ingress protection marking IP69S
Explosion proof mark 0Ex ia IIB T6X
Dimensions, no more than 100х100х50 mm
Weight, no more than 0,3 kg

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