Specifically designed for meteorological measurements.

«Sokol-M» is a new model of modern, versatile and economical weather station for automatic measurements of meteorological parameters:

  • air temperature, soil temperature, water temperature, relative humidity, air flow speed and direction, atmospheric pressure, precipitation amount and intensity;
  • indication of meteorological parameters: soil moisture, leaf wetness, UV and solar radiation;
  • weather activity photo recording.

Weather station «Sokol-M» allows collecting and processing meteorological data of the environment, implementing storage and analysis of the total information received from the device in a real time mode, implementing data output according to the customer given requests.

Weather station «Sokol-M» is distinguished by its compact build and is designed in such a way that all components necessary for complete work therewith, are optimized in one monoblock unit requiring no additional devices connection.

All you need to do at initial setup – just turn the switch on key without any additional settings.

The following gauges are located in device body:

  • the module of registration and measurement information processing;
  • meters of temperature and humidity;
  • gages of precipitation amount and intensity;
  • atmospheric-pressure gage;
  • accumulator storage battery.

By means of integrated Web-camera you can take photographs of meteorological phenomena at the point of observation, monitor the plant development, as well as prevent leaf disease, providing detailed and clear analysis of the data.

With the aid of «Sokol-M» station you can clearly monitor weather factors and get an accurate weather forecast for 3 days with 95% probability predicting agricultural work (timely irrigation, specialty machinery mobilization in the field) in advance and avoiding thereby wasted expenditures.

Through the use of the latest wireless Lora Wan technology weather station «Sokol-M» makes possible to connect additional wireless devices within a radius of 5 km at the point of observation, e.g. sensors of ambient temperature, humidity and soil temperature.

Together with Timiryazev Agricultural Academy the developers of the weather station evolved software modules for several crops comprehensive disease control. According to agronomists you can create an electronic mathematical model to determine plant diseases expectancy in automatic mode.

The station makes possible to be connected to already existing irrigation systems, to measure UV solar radiation for forecasting plant diseases and timely irrigation, allows to carry out high-precision measurement of the wind speed and direction and draw up reports and graphics.

Built-in solar panel enables autonomous operation over the whole season.

You will be able to see any change in the station location as the angle change and its GPS coordinates as well.


Metrologic characteristics of «Sokol-M1»
Atmospheric pressure measurement range, hPa From 540 to 1100
Permissible absolute error of atmospheric pressure measurement limits, hPa ± 0,01
Air temperature measurements range, °C – From -40 to 65 for external temperature measurements channel;
– From 0 to +60 for a channel
Permissible absolute error of air temperature measurement limits, °C ± 0.5
Soil temperature measurements range, °C From -40 to 65
Permissible absolute error of soil temperature measurement limits, °C ± 0.5
Water temperature measurements range, °C From -40 to 65
Permissible absolute error of water temperature measurement limits, °C ± 0.5
Relative air humidity measurements range, % — From 0 to 100 for external air humidity measurements channel;
— From 0 to 100 for indoor air humidity measurements channel
Permissible absolute error of measurement limits ± 4
Precipitation amount measurements range, mm H2O From 0.2
Permissible absolute error of precipitation rate measurement limits, % ± 3
Precipitation amount rate measurements range, m/min From 0 to 40.8
Permissible absolute error of precipitation rate measurement limits, % ± 5
Airflow rate measurements range, m/sec From 1 to 60
Permissible absolute error of airflow rate measurement limits, m/sec ±(0.8 ±0.1V), where V- measured airflow rate
Frictional force momentum on the axis of airflow rate meter, mN*m 50
Permissible deviation limits of torque value ± 3
UV solar radiation measurements range, W/m2 From 0 to 32.8
Permissible relative error limits, W/m² ± 0.5
Soil humidity indications range, cb From 0 to 200
Leaf wetness indications range, % From 1 to 90
Technical characteristics of «Sokol-M1»
Voltage supply from direct current net,V 5
Consumed power, W 10
Batteries capacity, Ah 8
Maximum time of isolated operation, hour 672
Communication interface USB, GSM, RS-485
Overall dimensions, mm Length – 290
Width – 320
Height – 323
Mass, kg 4

The Escort Group of Companies undergoes certification at the regional level to confirm the quality of its products. To guarantee the reliable operation of the produced equipment, officially confirmed by the state authorities and certification bodies.

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