Designed to transmit identification data wirelessly to a mobile device equipped with a BLE interface, or signal receiver BA-BLE 5.0 LR.



  • Vandal resistant housing
  • Up to 7 years of operation from a single battery
  • Setting up with a mobile phone, no wires – all this saves time on installation and makes it convenient and fast!

What areas can this product be used?

  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Housing and communal services
  • Trucking
  • Can also be used by various production companies

Together with the adapter BA-BLE 5.0 LR wireless tag forms a system of identification “Escort ID-TAG”, which is necessary to control the location of an object equipped with a wireless tag, within the range of the signal from the reader.


Power supply voltage, VCD 3 … 3,7
Power supply capacity at 20 °С, mAh 2600
Radio channel frequency, GHz 2,402-2,480
Average power consumption for default configuration, μА 15
Max power consumption, not more than, μА 15
Data exchange output Bluetooth LE (BLE)
Communication protocol used for Connection or P2P mode (and configuration) Escort BLE
Advertising data packages protocol(s) IBeacon, Eddystone-UID, Eddystone-URL
Operating range (at normal surrounding conditions and in absence of obstacles and/or interferences and with the transmitter’s signal power equal to 0 dBm), m 190
Operating conditions:
1) ambient temperature, °С
2) atmosphere pressure, kPa
1) from -45 °С to 50 °С
2) 84 … 106.7
Ingress protection marking IP69S
Dimensions, not more than, mm 92×87,5×38
Weight, not more than, kg 0,19

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