Escort ALS


It is used for monitoring the level of liquid in storage containers in various industries.

The water level sensor is a modified fuel level sensor with the ability to measure the level of conductive liquids, including weak solutions of alkalis and acids (the concentration is not more than 10% of the total volume of the liquid).

Escort ALS water level sensor:

  • combines the most common types of output signals: digital RS-485, frequency and analog;
  • the measuring part of the sensor can be easily adapted to any depth of the container;
  • the water level sensor is configured, connected and installed similarly to the fuel sensor Escort;
  • perfectly interacts with monitoring systems of any manufacturers;
  • it is possible to measure the level of a conductive liquid in various containers.


Power supply voltage 9 … 36 V
Power consumption, not more than 30 mA
Level indication output resistance 0 … 110 Оhm (±10%)
Min measurable level of liquids (min level of liquids remaining in the tank) 10 ± 2 %
The margin of error within the measurable range not more than 1%
Digital outputs:
– Communication interface
– Data exchange protocol
– Data exchange baud rate
19200 bps
Output data range:
– digital data
– frequency readings
– analog readings
– impulse readings
0 … 4095 units
300 … 4395 Hz
0 … 4,9 V
2 … 1025 impulses
Ingress protection marking in accordance with ГОСТ (State Standard) 14254 IP 67
Electric shock resistance rating in accordance with ГОСТ (State Standard) Class III
Operating conditions:
– ambient temperature
– min and max ambient temperature
– ambient atmosphere pressure
-45 … +50 °С
-60 … +85 °С
84 … 106,7 kPa
Dimensions, not more than 80х80х(L+21) mm, where L – length of the Sensor
Relative length of the Sensor see the sticker (can be found in the Datasheet)
Weight, not more than 0,35 + 0,4хL, where L – length of the Sensor in meters

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